Things I love about my new Acer TM6292:-

· It’s wonderfully light!! It is the perfect travel mate. I mean...I know laptops are meant for taking around – but this beats ‘em all!


· There’s this beautiful – what I like to call Empower Acer – toolbar which gives you a running status on the battery time left, the system uptime, the resolution and a shortcut to recovery management.


Yeah! Therez fingerprint launch!! :D And the lovely part is that it works wonderfully well! You know, when I first thought of getting my own computer I always thought it’d be cool in ways that it’d scan my retina and say ‘Access Granted’ ...kinda romantic I know, but well the fingerprint access is definitely better than typing in a password!! And the best thing is - it says “Access Granted”!! Three-Fourths dream come true!!:D :D :D

And Oh yeah!! You can launch several other stuff using your 10 fingers!! Itz the perfect gadget to show off you know – over a chat with some friends, you ask – would you like to listen to this latest song from Saawariya (which is jab se tere naina by the way – it totally rocks!! If you aren’t yet crazy about it, well you know where to find your show-off friend!! ) – and just sweep across your index finger – and lo it plays!! Hehehe...

· You know how its really troublesome when you type out technical reports – you’re always left looking for ‘Infinity’ and ‘Sigma’ and it gets so irritating that you’d rather write it out by hand – well this is a kinda mid-way solution and it ain’t too bad for Archun!! :D Its called the character map and you just hafta select the symbols (which by the way I realized includes some signs that look extremely familiar to Kannada ‘Pa’...hehe) and copy ‘em!


· Still guessing what my point is? Itz a really really beautiful screen display. I mean..yeah..I know Acer reflects – TP is anytime better that way – but its kinda stylish you know..?? Windows Vista by the way works awesomely well (I luv the graphics involved in the option that says switch between windows...sighhhhhh)! I kinda like the windows sidebar as well! And yeah, it’s got a 160GB hard disk!! I mean thatz like 4 times my last disk storage space!! The 2GB RAM though is absolutely necessary (I upgraded from 1GB) The duo core combined with the large RAM give me an ultimate performance!! Itz reeely reaaly fast!!

· Yeah!! Thatz a pic from my luvely in-built web-cam!! I mean itz sooo convenient! No wires and hassles – just one click away from conversing!! I luv that!!

· It supposedly has speech recognition! I mean..I was so excited about this initially – I really thought I could dictate stuff instead of typing and that’d be really so awesome..hmm...I’m not quite sure – cause I ‘m one of those weirdoes who likes typing...neyways,’d definitely be cool right? But it recognizes what it terms ‘British English’ alone – so yeah..I’ve gotta train it to learn my accent and voice!! I can now direct it to open programs/firefox – but yeah..thatz pretty much what it does!!! I’m not gonna let go though..keep tryin n one day itz bound to understand me!!!

· Yeah!! Sticky notes..hehe..n it has the usual windows journal and calculator and magnifier and the like!! But did you notice how I managed to get luvely shots of all the sutff I wanted to show ya?? Itz awesome eh?? Its dis reely cute tool called ‘Snipping Tool’ that allows you to take screenshots of whatever u like!! Kinda cool rite? And especially useful for those graphs you’d like to place on your report!!

I really haven’t had a chance to check out the DVD R/W yet. Will do so sometime soon I guess....cause yeah...160GB isn’t rite?? I can’t keep storing all my songs n videos in here forever...hmm...hehe.

Overall a lovely laptop!! If you’re the kinds that hasn’t tried an acer ever, well this is the one to try!! Itz quite cheap too! I got it for SGD1700. By the way, I haven’t named him yet...any suggestions??

Herez me signing off till later!!!


Anusha said...

Ha! I know what you mean by the "Access Granted" fantasy - I've always wanted something like that too! :D

The new comp sounds fab - I'll come take a look at it sometime! :)

Anonymous said...