I go jogging everyday - for about 2.5 km . And as I usually do early in the morning, I enjoy the fresh air, the lush green sight, the cool breeze across my face and in my lungs as I gasp - things which I took for granted - till yesterday. But when I stepped out of my room yesterday, I felt conjested. Smoke was limiting my sight even as the unhealthy air tried to invade my lungs. Dejected, I returned to my room and gave up my most refreshing activity of the day!
As you perhaps know, the forest fires in Indonesia are polluting Singapore...Well yeah, yeah, I know that all right - how many times back home have I read such a news with interest and commented on the atrocities of burning down forests - but never have I truly given a thought to the pollution caused and the suffering of the people. Do you think that that's too strong a usage? I mean, yeah, discomfort is okay, but suffering??
But that's exactly what will come about if we continue at the rate we do today. Having lived through the last 2 days - when the CO levels exceeded into the 'unhealthy band' - I actually realized the significance of what so many environmentalists, ecologists and my geography text books were trying to drill into my head! What we would loose if we were to burn down all our forests - in exchange for a conjested and dark future!
Maybe, it isn't too late yet. Maybe, I can still do something to save my planet so that the future generations will enjoy a morning jog as much as I do. I still have to figure out how to do that - but what I know is that, now I will.

Time I updated!!

Its been ages since I blogged!!! I really miss blogging - even though its such a vetti activity according to many, when I pour out all that I think and feel, I feel much more organized! In a sense, blogging has made me realize who I really am and how I apprear to people around - it helps me comment on myself .... Ah! Well I suppose you get it - I enjoy this a lot!!
Anyways, the last 2 weeks have been just fantastic for me!! Here's about the first of those...
I really really enjoyed my stay at home this time. Festival seasons are meant to be celebrated with people you love! And Navarathri always has a special place in my heart - the entire process of constructing the padis, decorating them, lowering the dolls from the loft, dusting them, repainting a few, arranging all of them on the steps...wah! This time though, I missed this initial part... nevertheless, the other phase was equally interesting! Calling all friends, neighbours and mamis home, preparing the vetalai paku thattu with neatly packaged sundal, showing them our golu and explaining the many stories those beautiful dolls so silently expressed! Equally interesting to go to other golus!! The entire process of dressing up traditionally, going as a gang and visiting, appreciating and learning...Its really beautiful!!
And as always, I just loved my mom's food! My mom cooks a wonderful lunch - lemon rasam, kutti potato curry and thenga thogayal - And during the course of the meal, she casually says - "When I made this same menu on another sunday when you were there, the first thing that Chottu (my sis) said was that - Amu, repeat this menu again when Archun comes! " You know, this always happens everytime I go back home, and every single time I think about it, my heart misses a beat...It makes me feel that there's someone out who cares and who really misses me!!
But this time, I had most fun shopping!! The local hangout place is Pondy Bazaar and I was on a crazy spree!! What with having to buy things to take back, new clothes for saraswathi poojai and to take back for deepavali and accessories for all of them, I was totally into shopping!! After nearly a full day of shopping, I settled for 2 salwars from RMKV and Kumarans and earrings from JhillMill..hehe!
All in all it was a wonderful refreshing break which enthused me into looking forward to the harder part of the semester!