My piece came in The Hindu Metroplus (Chennai edition) on 20th June under the Voice your views column. Its actually quite childish, but nevertheless, I was elated to know that it had came in print! :-) The topic was 'Hobbies as Therapy'


Being a third year
engineering student in a
hostel far away from home
is demanding. Good
hobbies can relieve stress
and rejuvenate. A game of
tennis or just a jog around
the campus instead of
playing violent games on
your PS console or an
experimental hour or two
in the kitchen with the
iPod on instead of
watching ancient
Spartans killing each
other in fictional, historic
scenarios or reading a
story book (preferring the
hard copy over the e-text
version) will definitely
recharge your batteries!

I got to know about it only when my sister called and told me about it. She made what I must admit is one of the best compliments I've ever received! She said, I love it because you've written very honestly!
Its maybe 'cause my sister knows me so well. Way back in 8th Std, I used to strive so hard to get my pieces published in the Gokulam, that I always wrote in a style that I thought other people expected and appreciated - I used to dream for days about presenting my thoughts in a particular manner but then at the last minute give it up for want of seeing my name in print.
I guess blogging has helped me overcome that. I've realized that what really matters is the quality of the thoughts presented in a language that everyone can relate to!
This reminds me of a conversation I was having with a close friend. We were talking about blogs (Does that sound like I'm a totally jobless person? I guess I am... :-) )and she told me of an instance where this friend of hers started blogging - but the blog seemed as though it was written by a completely different person! Sophisticated language, very noble thoughts and the like.. And I realized, yeah..there are people who project themselves very differently on their blogs and in person seem totally different people. I don't really know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. For one, I'm not a really outgoing person. I'm slightly reserved, very awkward and cautious till I get to know people (And once I'm comfortable in their company, I'm like this chatterbox that can never shut up..) and yet, here I am pouring out some of my deepest thoughts for some stranger in some spot of the world to read! Does that make me a 'double agent' kind of person? I really wonder... But on the brighter side, even if it does, at least its considered 'kewll' right? :-)
I guess this is what they really mean by 'random ramblings'


Confused Soul said...

Hey.. Congrats! :) that was seriously a well written article! I completely agree with the tennis n jogging part especially.. I've started swimming at SRC.. and it's really cool! :)

I've seen a few people who are reserved in the beginning but open up later..but that's face to face.. when it comes to interacting with anyone over the net/not face to face, I guess you are a totally different person anyway.. You must have realised how easy it is to type out a sorry message or say it online than actually apologize in person! :)

So, you're not weird, don't worry!! :D

Arthy said...

'random ramblings?? absolutely! :) lol..sweet article n sweet post-blog too! I guess it's only those who are unsure or unhappy or 'un'-confident of themselves who try to project themselves differently. But in your case, your such a sensible honest thing,...that i guess you cant be someone else anywhere even if u wanted to! (as though there was a need for it):) keep 'em comin miss!

Archun said...

Wow! That really naice! Swimming is great fun!
You example is so apt! Its really so easy to say sorry over the net isn't it? hehe.. anyways..really glad that I'm not all that weird :-)

you think so? I dunno so much abt honest..thatz why I was wondering if I am who I appear to be from my blogs..hehe..anyways, you flatter me as usual in your ever charming style!

Anonymous said...

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