A lesson learnt from my younger sister!

Just yesterday, I was talking to my sister. It was just when she was saying that CBSE still hadn't announced the dates for the release of relults when I saw a flash illuminate my LCD monitor on the CBSE results webpage! We were both elated to learn that her Board Exam results would be released this Wednesday! The sudden excitement discharge into the atmosphere (extending over several hundrend kilometers from Chennai to Singapore - thanks to Gtalk :-D) got my heart thudding at a racy pace! (Its really wonderful how you really conncect with people through common experiences!)
Anyways, what really amazed me was what she did immediately after! She called up her Physics teacher and informed him that the results would be released on 23rd May at 8 am - and where would he be at that time? In school or at home?! (so that she could personally convey her results to him)
The thing is - I had the same Physics teacher - Sunderesan sir! And he is, very frankly speaking, the best teacher I've ever had! Despite the enormous regard I had/have for him, I could never connect with him very well on a personal level. Maybe that's just me - really awkward on all fronts! With me, it always has to be you, who must initiate the conversation! I remember how much I wanted to go and tell him my results and thank him very much for the strong physics basis (on which I'm currently pursing my Engineering degree) - but how I was really hesistant to be one of the first to go - or to be the only one to be gawked at by several juniors - or to even make a phone call...and, well several other reasons! Anyways, I did finally tell him what I wanted to, but I did it with my friends - as they say - 'kumbal ooda Govinda!'
Yeah..It was good enough for me, then, - but I realized that the least a teacher, who puts his heart and soul into making you understand, what is very trivial to him, expects, is for you to be upfront in acknowledging his contribution. And that made me very proud of my sister. No pretence. Just plain, straightforward gratitude.
Perhaps, to you, this is just another lame post - but that's beacause you are already a straightforward person with no 'complexity' or 'shyness' issues. Yesterday's incident has however, made my resolve stronger - to be courageous enough to tackle and face challenges instead of hiding behind a facade of 'I'll get hurt' attitude - in short to be able someday, to do what my sister did spontaneously yesterday!


Arthy said...

my dearest little one:), blogging is doing u a lot of good..so that's y u were like ' i'm so proud of you'...haha! There's ntn wrong in feeling shy, ntn to be embarrassed abt especially in the sunde sir issue...infact i'm proud of you bcos wats important is that u understand gratitude, n thats all that matters..sometimes silence can convey so much more than wat words or gestures can..sir knows u well enuf..so no guilt?! okya?:)
There's none as sweet as my little sis...She's the darling of my heart:) so dont say nething to justify..wat u did was not stupid:)

Archun said...

hehe...Even if I werent' blogging, I'd still say - I'm so proud of you! - Cause I always am! Anyways, yeah..writing about it eased out a bit of my guilt!And yeah..at least I'm not so stony as to not even be grateful - and that's something I s'pose! Hey..Sally in our Alley!! hehe...I somehow loved that simple poem!! Sorta my kinda style I thought..hehe

Bala said...

It is nice of you to openly acknowledge her gratitude. You need not worry about having not done the same, as teachers understand. They can see through you to your character and would have been surprised if you had called (and surprised if Arthy had not called). But yes, in future you must do as you have correctly resolved.

Another important thing which I was very happy about is the confidence of Arthy. Some children tend to get nervous as the results approach, but here is one who is confident and is prepared to face the results boldly with the teacher in this competitive environment. WOW.

Archun said...

@ Balakrishnan
Yeah..You can always stand up and take on the world so confidently only when you know, from the bottom of your heart, that your efforts were true and sincere.