Have a sporty attitude!

I recently read a post on Arthy's blog [Check out my blog roll to visit her blog]. It was about indulging in sports.
I could relate very much to that particular post - Maybe because I'm obssesed with being overweight and am looking for ways to shed a few (no actually several) pounds - Or Maybe because I'm usually this reserved, self-keeping person and its when I play that I unconsciously become normal with an ability to communicate healthily ( infact I've made nearly all my friends during the course of a friendly chat over a game badminton!)- Or Maybe because I feel really fresh after I enjoy a good game of tennis/badminton. After an hour of relaxation, I am , you may say, ready to take on the world! - Or maybe because its just something that I really enjoy doing!
Well whatever the reasons may be I'm also saying the same thing - If you aren't playing, you are missing out on something major in life!


Bala said...

It is always great to be obsessed with positive events, thoughts; but physical attributes in my opinion do not fall in this category (whether good or bad).

Anonymous said...

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