A day to remember!

I loved this weekend!! So much, that I didn't even find time for my favourite activity - blogging!! Anyways, I'm back now - just to share with you what I believe to be part of my most lovely memories!
As you know, I was restless with excitement about getting back to home terrain! But this time, in addition to the usual energy waves generated in anticipation of the 'going back home' activity, me and my Dad generated the extra ripple of surprise! I had informed my people that I would be arriving by 11am on Sunday morning - but instead decided to come on Saturday itself!
I suppose this idea sprouted from sheer peer influence! I realized that many of my friends had given their family surprises and so I thought, why not me too? I was initially planning to give my entire family a surprise, but then considering how mad my parents would be if I were to travel alone by auto in Chennai, I decided to involve my dad in the 'conspiracy'!
Daddu came, and this time also as usual, I was beaming as I stepped out of the airport into his loving arms! As I thought of how surprised my mom and sis would be, I was literally laughing with happiness! On our way from the airport, me and my dad had a few serious discussions on who would go in first - we finally decided upon Daddu going in and me following.
All I can say is, it was almost perfect! My dad rang the bell, and walked in. I was hiding behind the corridor wall and as soon as I saw my mom's turned back, I sneaked in and hugged her tight from behind and said "Happy Golu!" She turned back and I can never forget her expression! Her eyes opened wide and her mouth a little agape, before the situation sank in and her mouth curved up and her perfect white teeth beamed upon me! She said "Archun! What are you doing here!!" as she returned my hug! She was smiling and laughing and singing!! I joined in too - so happy that my mom was pleased to see me - but a little disappointed that my little sister, had chosen the right moment to bathe!! She however, had heard the commotion and so the effect of the surprise on her wasn't as dramatic! When she came out however, I saw that the shock still hadn't worn off and was a little pleased - which turned into a big smile as she hugged me too!!
My mom said it all in one sentence - " Emathithe! But it was the best surprise ever!!"
This time's homecoming was made perfect for me at that moment!


Arthy said...

Woah! Gave us quite a surprise alrite..in the true sense of it! He eh.. as much as I would have liked being in it, it felt wonderfully shocking to see my chotuch ONE FULL DAY earlier!!! My best surprise hitherto!!

Archun said...

hehe...thanks da!! that makes this the best ever homecoming - so far!! hehe..

archana said...

That's sooo sweet Archana!! :) :) Must've been awesome fun! I should try it sometime! I love surprises!

prithz said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!! that was awesome!!!! i can imagine how exciting it wud have been at home... whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa... fantastic!!! enjoy ur stay in india girl!!!

Archun said...

I never knew it..but I love giving surprises too .. n yeah.. you should try it out sometime!

hehe..yeah! Will do!

Unknown said...

NIce surprise to your mom. this only shows how much you love her! Great!

Archun said...

@ karthik b.s
thanks! I do love my mom a lot!

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