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Have you ever wondered why the arrangement of letters on the keyboard is such – QWERTY? I remember how puzzled I was the first time I encountered that very weird arrangement of alphabets – how I thought aloud why it wasn't arranged as ABCDEF – a pattern our mind could easily associate with; a map which we could decipher without extensive training? That was way back in 2000. Today, 6 – no nearly 7 years later I stumbled upon the answer - accidentally!

This 'discovery' brought me back to ground reality – that despite being a member of the so-called 'tech-savvy' youth and owning a desktop (with broadband connection and easy access to Google!) at home, I never really made an effort to find an answer to my question. But you would ask – why give so much significance to something so trivial? After all, isn't it sufficient to have the knowledge to efficiently use the keyboard?

Herein is the distinction between the stereotype and the creative. A creative person will take the trouble to address the issue bothering her/him whereas a typical person would take a glance and accept without questioning what is put forth.

For instance, research will reveal that the arrangement of the alphabets on the keyboard is such to facilitate typing at an efficient enough speed which doesn't cause jamming in typewriters! But does it apply to today's scenario where nearly 70% of the youth indulge in '2 finger typing'? A creative entrepreneur perhaps would even consider prototyping a new keyboard!

However it is indeed sad to note that today, most of us have questions – but very few of us take time out to put on our thinking caps to actually relate to the issue! We'd rather push it on top of the already existing stack of questions, because, we are too busy running our races on stereotypical tracks to realize that the successful people aren't those who decide how to run on the track – they are the ones who pave new ways to the future!

So the next time you feel a question nagging you, don't dismiss it from your thoughts!!


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