Not a bad movie...

OMG! I just realized that my last 3 posts are so boring!! All revolving around my studies in the uni! You must be thinking .. hey! what a geek! Well just to allay those thoughts away,here's my next blog..About Vettaiyadu Velaiyatu!!
Hmm...First things first - Kakkha Kakkha is still my favourite movie!! But to be fair, vettaiyadu velaiyatu scored higher on a few scales. It was much more closer to a real policeman's life - at least the first half. The second half was terrible! Too much violence - beating and bashing up crooks, hunting down the killers and all the masala stuff!
Not that the first half wasn't gross - well what do you expect when a thumb is hung on the father's doorstep, the body is bisected into half and so on? But it was very very practical. The line of thought and steps taken by Raghavan(DCP) to trace the murderer, were sequential and real. I also liked the fact that Kamal's (Raghavan) character wasn't potrayed as a very young man - rather an average aged police officer. The romance between Raghavan and Aradhana (Jyothika) was also handled beautifully - very mature and non-dramatic. The songs were also picturised quite beautifully and made me like them even more after watching the visuals.
Hmm....Overall, worth a watch on cd - so that you can fast forward the ugly parts.
Waiting to watch Sillunu Oru Kadal now!!

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prithz said...

Hmm...i havnt seen VV yet... not plannin to as well... :(