A typical Sunday in my life...

My mom came in, carrying a hot plate of bajjis [mmmm...just writing about it makes my mouth water!] Me, my sister and my dad were at the table, banging on it and singing out loud - "suda suda bajji enga? suda suda ..." (where is the hot hot bajji!) She came in with that lovely smile which makes her look so beautiful; but I was too busy looking (rather greedily gawking) at the lovely bajjis! ( I still amaze at how I manage to push in 7-8 of those hot savouries down my throat in the parching summer heat of Chennai! )

Another of those sunday evening rituals I enjoy! They are probably the best days of my life! But I have to admit; maybe even they don't always begin very well! You see, we mostly try to make it to the saturday night show - and well you don't end up liking most movies! But again I have to rephrase that! You see, its a sort of taken-for-granted ritual that we discuss about the movie after its over (And if you've ever talked to my dad, you've probably realized what I'm going to say!) Anyways, we have this discussion about what each of us liked and disliked about the movie (FYI: my dad usually goes first or last ) and after an in-depth analysis of our thoughts we reach a conclusion. Now you may wonder what the whole 'dad' factor was about - well you see, he is an analytic and optimistic leader by character (or should I say personality.. :-D ) So he has a knack of picking up certain points about the movie which we all liked and puts it forth in a manner whereby we even manage to somehow change our view, sometimes opposite to what it previously was! Why all this by the way?? Ah..I have to rephrase that to - and well you don't end up liking all movies!

Now all that movie watching and analysis is bound to take up energy! So we usually end up getting up at around 7 or 8 am. It being Sunday, the holiday, all of us somehow convince our health conscious (and slim- now I wonder how those two match??) mom that its the perfect day to take a stroll later in the evening instead of the routine early morning jog! Obviously, its a perfect beginning for lazy me!

But in my defense, I do utilize that time well! I make it a point to read all the columns of the newspaper that interest me (though it may be a little in fear of my well-informed sister starting a topic at dinner table and me blinking!) After that, its just time to sit around a bit and relax - I used to watch the Mahabarath series on T.V ,which was really different from the sops I usually watch, but then a story can only be so long! So now I watch some cartoons and travel series instead.

By this time, again from all the activities, my stomach would start conspiring with me and together, we'd rope in my sister and her stomach too! Together we'd try to steal into the kitchen (rather be lifted by the wonderous smell of lime rasam and potato roast!) only to encounter our mom! She'd put on a strict face - but with my mom's heart, you can never leave the kitchen without a bite of your favourite!!

After such a sumptous and delicious afternoon meal, comes the other important exercise of the day - HP! (Horizontal Position for you stay-afternoon-awake-people!) So after a cool retreat into an artificially created 21 degree temperature for about 3 hours, our energy levels high again (again? what am I talking about!! ), we'd go out to and enjoy a few games of badminton in the sun, sweating it all out!

That would ultimately bring me to the evening snack ritual I mentioned earlier. The rest of the evening would be spent in a relaxing manner -doing what each of us liked best - catching up with latest magazines, watching the news, listening to music, playing chess (my sister is damn good at it ) or just penning down memories like these!

Sundays always unfortunately end (and even more unfortunately usher in mondays), but there are always more such sundays to look forward to where you do the things you do do best in life - eat, sleep, relax and enjoy with the people you love!


Sowmya said...

hey..itz awesome to be at home on weekends na..we really do miss it at hostel..dont we?!

Archun said...

yeah...we do naa! that's wht made me write this blog in the first place..

Sowmya said...

cool man!!