The next in-thing!


Wondering what that was all about? Well, those are extracts from the pre-view of the iPhone! As you probably know (especially if you're an iPod maniac like me) Apple pre-released its iPhone - just 4 handsets - to 4 members of the press for them to give you a peek into why you can 'actually expect' the iPhone to be a revolution. That's not saying much, because all the four reviewers are known pro-Mac/pro-Apple/pro-iPod journalists.

Nevertheless, this is the first time we are witnessing such a marketing strategy by Apple. Usually tight-mouthed about releasing details of its products, Apple has gone out of its way this time to create a huge hype about the iPhone (with nearly a million people in America booking for the iPhone a month before its release!)

What I love about Apple is its stylish simplicity! And the iPhone promises loads of such features. Like the reviewers have said, I suppose its going to take us - the normal people who don't walk around with Blackberrys (yet) - some time getting used to owning a phone without a keypad - but that's what the 'revolution' is all about I guess. With a large (and reportedly brilliant) display interface and an amazing camera, this iPod containing phone with amazing browser (again reportedly) facilities looks to be the next in-thing.

With tomorrow (29th June) being the day of its release in the States, I suppose we can expect the iPhone to be reviewed through and through before it aims for a launch back home. It is definitely going to be among the top of the list for people with the right kind of budget looking for a new, trendy 'phone'.


Arthy said...

hi da!! ye...its so kool na tat iphone's gonna hit the markets soon. i did manage to see a podcast on the iphone's official to-be-released meet (wink!)in which none other than the greatest jerk - Steve Jobs himself(but can't deny he's got style:))taked abt the iphone's supery classy i-pod, phone, photo-org, maps, net..u-name-it-u-got-it sorta thingie :)But you know wat..apparently apple spent so little on their's more like they just did wat had to be done, well more like open-source in the end i guess the hype was all around it all the time!

Archun said...

yeah...but even that was a huge step for apple - the little marketing which they did! I guess Steve Jobs is a bit of a jerk though he's brilliant :-P

Anusha said...

Hee! On my way to university this morning, I saw the Primetime News dedicate a section to talking about how people were lining up from midnight in NYC to get their iPhones asap! And I thought, "Man, so much publicity for a phone - that must be a first!" I get that it's a big deal and all, but to an Apple non-junkie like me (I don't believe I own a single Apple accessory!), the most interesting Apple-related thing still remains the mock t-shirt that says "iPoo" with a picture of a guy on a toilet. :D

Anyway, before I start sounding offensive to all the pro-Mac people here, the new phone looks like it might be huge this year. How much does it cost, btw? Any idea?

Archun said...

hehe...I guess you'll start loving Apple if you begin using the iPod..its srsly sleek, stylish and quite simply one of my most prized possessions right now!! But I must admit..thatz a really kewl one liner - esp on a tee!! :-)
Anyways, I guess the iPhone costs around USD 500 right now..Not too sure what they'll be quoting for it back home..
thankz 4 commenting!

Confused Soul said...

I'm the kind who's happy with a normal phone.. a good enough camera,bluetooth and a music player :P so for me, it doesn't really matter when such things come out.. haha :)

Anonymous said...

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Archun said...

@Confused Soul
hehe..I guess I'm too much of an amature techie - the kind that gets excited when there is so much hype about something which features almost all of what you already use n know - in a totally different n unique style!

Blogger said...

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